Why might it be necessary to see an orthodontist?

The most obvious answer is to have beautiful straight teeth and a nice smile but there are many other good reasons too:
Teeth are much easier to clean when they are lined up properly which is all good news for decay prevention, healthy gums, fresh breath and a nice white colour to the teeth.

  • Front teeth may also be damaged more easily if they are too protrusive.
  • Teeth can wear excessively if the bite is out of alignment, especially a crossbite.
  • A crossbite can also lead to an asymmetry in appearance and smile.
  • The gum may be injured and recede if the bite is too deep behind the front teeth.
  • The jaw joint may suffer damage in the long term with an abnormal bite pattern.
  • Some people can have speech problems if the teeth are in the wrong spot.

Many of these problems are hereditary so if a parent has had one of the above problems there is a chance their children may also have the same problem. So if you needed orthodontics, there is a higher probability your children also need orthodontic treatment.

Orthodontics-does it mean braces?

Orthodontics does not just mean braces either, other options are:

  • Clear plastic aligners, such as Invisalign, can be used in some cases so no-one may notice you are having your teeth straightened – and it doesn’t affect your photos for special occasions!
  • A fixed or removable appliance can be fitted to correct some bite problems or encourage growth in the right direction.
  • Appliances can also be used to stop thumb sucking behaviour in young children.

Extractions of some teeth to relieve crowding is still sometimes necessary as we want the result to be stable and not place teeth in a position where they want to move again. The need for extractions is not universal however, as everyone’s case is different.

So pop in and see our experienced team if you suspect you or your child have an orthodontic problem. We may be able to treat it ourselves but have very capable orthodontists in Bunbury we can refer you to if required.