Major Dental

Major Dental is the term some health insurance companies use to describe non routine dental services.

At Australind Dental Centre we are very experienced in most facets of major dental treatment such as:

If we cannot fix your dental problem ourselves at Australind Dental Centre, we have a trusted range of specialists to refer to who can help you. These are people we have been using for many years to deal with more complex dental issues such as impacted wisdom teeth for example.

Major Dental Services

Our dentists have restored some very broken down smiles over the years. It gives us great pleasure to get you back smiling, in fact it is the whole point isn’t it? There can be many reasons  teeth can deteriorate to such an extent. Some people unfortunately don’t get a good start in life and lose teeth early, grind them at night or delay treatment for years.

Australind Dental Centre Major Dental Services

Crowns, bridges, dentures, implants and root canals are usually classified as Major Dental items.

Click on the links for more detail on what major dental or complex treatments we can provide. These will include many cosmetic procedures as well as those to restore your teeth function, so you can enjoy your food again.

At Australind Dental Centre, we will provide you with a written quote if you require any major dental services and we are often able to check your rebates through our HICAPS facility. It should be noted that this is an estimate only, based on the date we check the information, please consult your dental insurance company.

When To Do Major Dental Work

Many more complex treatment plans can be done gradually over a period of time which will help with the budgeting. In fact, some services are best done in stages. We will prioritise your treatment, which usually covers several phases: emergency treatment, routine treatment, reconstructive treatment and then maintenance.

Sore Tooth - Neds Root canal Treatment
Sore Tooth - Neds Root canal Treatment
Lady with Dentures

For more information on Major Dental Treatment call Australind Dental Centre on 08 9725 8812.